D-DASHTM is a proprietary tool used to closely track and monitor the diverse enrollment of subjects into a trial. D-DASHTM receives a live feed from the sponsor’s EDC or IVRS system of each participant enrolled. Data collected is dependent upon the metrics being collected for a study and can include gender, age, race, and ethnicity of the participants. Diversity metrics for the study are preset and provided by the sponsor. Data is reviewed at least weekly by the project team and assessed for progress towards the diversity goal. Progress updates are communicated to internal study team members as well as to client during meetings. Recruitment activities will be modified or amplified based on a site’s progress to a diversity target.

Study Start-up

Embark on your research journey with confidence through our Study Startup Services, meticulously designed to streamline your project’s initiation phase. Our Project Kick Off Meeting brings stakeholders together to establish a solid foundation, introducing the study team and project scope, aligning on timelines, and detailing execution and communication plans. Our robust escalation and issue resolution process ensures smooth project flow.

When it comes to Feasibility and Site Access, we go above and beyond. We leverage our expertise to identify sites with the optimal therapeutic area experience and access to the desired patient population. Utilizing the Diversity Site Assessment Tool (DSAT), pioneered by our CEO, Dr. Diana Foster, we assess sites comprehensively.

DSAT benchmarks sites on 25 critical factors, providing a numerical score indicative of their diversity and inclusion practices. Armed with this valuable insight, sites can utilize our DTEACHTM Best Practices Portal for targeted improvements, ensuring successful study enrollment and performance. Contact us for a proactive approach to study startup, where precision and diversity go hand in hand.

Physician Relationships and Referral Program

Our expertise extends beyond strategic site selection to forge impactful connections with physicians and research investigators from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds.

TOTAL Diversity excels in creating robust plans that seamlessly link local healthcare professionals with study sites, establishing a powerful referral network. Leveraging our extensive relationships with hundreds of research sites, we ensure targeted connections with local Therapeutic Area (TA) specialists. What sets us apart is our innovative approach to inclusivity, tapping into specialized racial and ethnic platforms such as blackdoctors.org and blackdoctors.us.

With TOTAL Diversity, your clinical trials benefit from a unique blend of strategic site selection and a finely tuned outreach strategy that taps into the wealth of diverse talent within the medical community. Elevate your research endeavors with TOTAL Diversity and ensure a more inclusive, effective, and impactful clinical trial experience.

Plan For Your Visit

To bridge the knowledge gap, TOTAL’s Recruitment Kits provide educational materials, including posters, fliers, brochures, and informed consent flip charts. These materials, reviewed and approved by CLIENT, have consistently led to increased enrollment and participant understanding.

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