Diversity Enrollment


Enhancing the diversity of clinical trial populations as experts in recruitment and retention

Improving diversity in clinical trials and helping ensure that patients in underserved communities have opportunities to participate if they choose, is a critical component of health equity.

Working towards solutions to enhance clinical trial diversity is an integral component of Total Diversity’s mission. Unparalleled expertise of staff and a focus on diverse and inclusive enrollment makes Total Diversity a leader in this space.

Total Diversity works closely with patients, community groups, and policy makers to drive proactive support for our clients and clinical research sites to improve health equity.

Services and strategic consulting opportunities provided include:

  • Pre-identification and assessment of sites equipped to enroll diverse patient populations
  • Feasibility assessment
  • Site training in cultural sensitivity and patient relationship improvement specific to diverse populations
  • Community networking to establish trust and understanding of clinical research in underrepresented communities
  • Recruitment and retention strategy per protocol, execution and strategy management
  • Development of new site capability and existing site SOPs and process improvement related to diverse inclusion in
    clinical trials

Total Diversity has successfully implemented innovative virtual services to create new networks with populations around the country previously unknown to clinical research. Our diversity and inclusion strategists have created proven marketing initiatives, targeting the desired patient population and maintaining the TOTAL Edge as a catalyst to complete your study!

The future of efficient patient care depends on enrolling
diverse populations to maximize the generalizability of
trial results, which will better reflect the true diversity of
the patients who will be using the drug once it is approved.